Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This was some sketches of our Styrofoam car. We would start from a rectangular block of styrofoam and carve down the sides untill we got our desired shape. Wooden skewers or axels would we ideal for the car as well as light weight sturdy wheels. We have yet to create these models but that shall happen in the upcoming future.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OJ Car

This was our first attempt to our balloon car. It is created from:

  • orange juice container (box)

  • 2 wood skewers

  • 2 straws

  • 4 toy truck wheels

  • 1 balloon

This car made sense during construction because all the materials were light, besides the thoy wheels. The nozzle of the orange juice box acted as the exhaust for the flow of air to come our. This model of the OJ Car was modified; the original model only had one straw connecting the balloon to the nozzle. Unfortunately this caused the straw to touch the rear axel and prevented the car from moving. By placing another straw in the shape of a bridge, no longer would the first straw and the axel be touching. On the second attempt however, the toy truck wheels seemed to be too heavy not allowing the OJ Car to move more than a 1ft or 0.3048m. On our next model we might be able to find different wheels that would still allow the car to move freely and support the weight of the vehicle.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Balloon Car

Different materials such as styrofaom and other light objects like popsicle sticks, plastic bottles and lego were considered as the main body for the car. Keep the design simple enough so it does not cause extra weight or reduce speed. Not sure whether or not to use one balloon or several balloons; pros and cons of either. Trying to create a first design for the 'Versic balloon car.